DRIVE IN pallet racking system

APR12 Drive-In Pallet Racking is the ideal solution for making high density storage racking.
Typically configured as “an island”, it can be made with various depths according to needs and allows the storage of homogeneous material for each aisle.
The pallet is normally lifted according to LIFO logic (last in first out), by which the first to enter is the first one out.
In some cases, the aisle may not contain homogeneous material per type, but per shipment.
The intrinsic technical features of the drive-in storage require considerable traversal stability.
APR12 is ideal thanks to its rigidity.
According to the plant’s specific characteristics, each time the above can be completed and reinforced with horizontal and vertical cross bracing components, or suitable “brace towers”, that are necessary with big plants having double front access.
The load bearing structures can be protected from fork lifts accidental hits, by the use of specifically designed upright protectors. Finally there are floor guides that help access to fork lifts and their route along the aisles